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Valentines Photo Session on the Beach

February 5, 2019

… a valentines shoot

Being a wedding photographer in Northumberland I get to meet some pretty loved up couples. And being in Northumberland I don’t need much of an excuse to go to an incredible part of our landscape. Combine that with Valentines day, and you get a mini adventure Valentines shoot!

One of my very places in Northumberland is Emblaton Bay and Links. At one end the Newton Beach Huts and at the other end Dunstanburgh Castle. And in-between the most sublime bay backed by  miles of marran grass dunes. I visit regularly myself and always hoped for an excuse and an “up for it couple”  to head there with me. Whatever the weather.

Northumberland Wedding Photographer

…snow on the beach

Rachel and Ben braved the sharp winds of February, so cold that there was the rare phenomenon of snow on the beach. They opted for a styling so I helped them with outfits, which included gorgeous of tartan blankets from The Tartan Blanket Company in Edinburgh. I asked Kate from Northumbrian Flowers to make a posey with UK seasonal blooms and grasses, and dried flowers immediately came to both of us. Ethereal Miscanthus perfectly complimented the swathes of marran grass while poppy seed heads, rosehips and helichrysum provided structure, colour and form.

Northumberland Photographer

… Rachel and Ben

This is what Rachel and Ben thought of their Valentines Day photoshoot experience:

What an amazing experience! Being photographed can often be scary and nerve wracking but straight away we were put at ease. Gill was so welcoming and friendly, we were able to relax and enjoy every second of our shoot together! It was Ben’s first experience being photographed, but with Gill’s guidance, poses became natural and easy after a few minutes warm up. After spending the day in the outdoors, amongst beautiful scenery and brilliant company, we left feeling more in love than ever! I’ve always loved Gill’s work and have followed her photography from the beginning, yet everytime she exceeds all expectations! We are absolutely delighted with our photographs, which will now be treasured memories to hold onto forever!

Northumberland couples shoot Mini adventure photo session

The sun was setting and the roads were freezing over again, but we could not resist this golden scene as we left.

Flowers by Northumbrian Flowers

Rachel’s Outfits from Shein

Ben’s Waistcoat from White Stuff

Blankets from The Tartan Blanket Co

Location Emblazon Links and Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland


…If you wish to book an adventure mini session in Northumberland, then please get in touch!




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