Hexham Photoshoot with Newcastle Photographer Gavin Forster

February 20, 2016  •  1 Comment

Having felt the loss of some creativity over the last few months, I decided to link up with Newcastle Photographer Gavin Forster for a photoshoot in Hexham. Whatever your level of skill I believe it is always fantastic to work with others to get an insight into using familiar kit in new and different ways. This shoot though was all about using natural light creatively, and there is no better natural light than winter sun

My daughter Becky was kind enough to model for us. She, of course got cold, despite being told to wrap up. The temperature was hovering just above freezing and the wind was sharp. However no teenager will ever admit, least of all to their Mum, that they are cold!

So to make her even colder we went and stood in a wind tunnel and lean against a cold stone wall. Seeking out a good patch of sunlight pouring in through arch, made me make much better use of the shadows and structures to capture this image. I have used very little editing on this photograph, but the sun provided the natural rim light, back lighting and the softening of the colours of the wall.

Having shot last years weddings using a lot of flash photography this 1-2-1 time with Gavin help me reaffirm my belief in using natural light wherever possible. Of course not all situations allow for this and a flash is necessary, however today's stark, cold, bright light provided an excellent platform to leave the extra gear at home.

Becky was very patient and laughed much of the time, mostly due to my getting into daft positions to take a new angle, or nearly sliding into the burn. We spent about two and a half hours shooting, before appreciating we could not put Becky through anymore  freezing temeperatures. We retreated for hot drinks at Nero's and a brief chat about the things photographers talk about. Hopefully there will be future collaborations with Gavin Forster as it was an insightful and useful day!

I enjoy the post production as much a being out with my gear. I wanted to try a few different treatments to these images to bring out the natural hues of the light flares and rims.  Here are a few of the images from that day. 








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poor girl...although she now has some great headshots if she wants to become an actress...
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