Core Values - Building Confidence

April 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Its been a long road to here. Full of twists, turns highs and lows. As a result my confidence had been at a rather a low ebb for sometime. So through and introduction through Sparkle Communications, Sharon MacArthur of Red Handbag offered to give me a quick telephone leadership coaching session. For just one hour. And goodness me, it certainly had me thinking.

Sharon asked me to think about my core values. The ethos by which my life is characterized. It took me a little while to understand what she wanted me to do, but it meant basically finding out what lies at the centre of my being. What colours me and makes me the person I am. If I could find those values hidden under all those years of experiences, then I would be able to draw on them to give my confidence a turbo charged kick.

Looking inwardly at yourself is actually incredible hard. Like onions we have lots of layers. Ones which have grown around us and actually can form a barrier to your confidence. My barriers are tricky ones to negotiate as I live with them everyday; my crazy divorce situation, my well-being and health, & surviving being a single Mum to two very headstrong teenagers. And like onions, peeling back the layers can make you vulnerable and a bit tearful.

Anyhow after giving myself some time to think, my core values organically surfaced:

  • Authenticity
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Empathy

But how do these values impact what I do?

I hope that it brings you a phoot-shoot, wedding image documentary, or collaboration full of warmth and humour. I hope that it brings a trusting relationship which will result in a successful portfolio, full of energy, emotion and sensitivity. I hope that it brings a business service that you can have faith in.



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