I have a sweet spot for Sugar Sands

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On relocating to Northumberland from the Loire Valley in France, I made it my business to put down some long overdue UK roots and establish myself a little community. PootleNorthumberland was born from getting to know my new, wild, northern county, and led to my passion for walking, and in particular Nordic Walking. I have met some amazing people as a result, helped a few Nordic Walkers to regain fitness and wellbeing, and made some good business associations along the way.

One of which was with the Rothbury based outdoor leisure company, Shepherds Walks. As their in house photographer I have been able to photograph some fantastic events and walks in the most stunning locations. Having grown up in a coastal location, the sea has an enormous draw. It is always therefore hugely rewarding and exciting to photograph the Coastal Challenge, a 26 mile organised event from Budle Bay to Alnmouth.

I have a lot of favourite spots along the route: Dunstanburgh, Low Newton and of course Bamburgh Castle.

Low Newton SteadsDune Beach Huts

I made a little video clip this year at Dunstanburgh which can be viewed on my PootleNorthumberland FB page.

However, Sugar Sands however trumps all the locations on the Northumberland coast for me. It's less accessible, unless you are prepared for a bit of a walk. But  it has a fantastic little bridge the crosses Howick burn as it reaches the sea, and for me, it always make a cracking composition. Add it som cloud drama and some of the Challenge walk participants and you have a really good image.

Bridge a Sugar Sands

Shooting landscapes uses a completely different way using the camera to wedding and portrait photography. You need a broad depth of field of f18 to ensure the features of the landscape are clear and sharp. And when you add moving creature (such as walkers) you also need a shutter speed that can cope with the movement (at least 1/125s). 

Northumberland has a beauty that is completely unique. Open, and at times brutal, every scene can hold fast in your memory. Imagine having your engagement shoot, or wedding on the coast, or in the Cheviots? Should authenticity and wilderness appeal for your special photographs alongside with a memorable day, then I am happy to get to more difficult locations to realise your ideas for portraits. Contact me to discuss your ideas and dreams, or to be inspired for a unique shoot in a stunning location.



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