Hexham Newborn Family Shoot

June 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I first met Sadie when Issac, was still a bump in her tummy. A very expectant bump, but needless to say a bump. Sadie and I hit it off straight away while walking our dogs down along the River Tyne. We chatted about babies, families, juggling work and all those things that life is about. I was so excited to hear that the baby was due the following week. A real baby! I hadn't met a new real baby for ages. Probably because myself, my friends and family had passed that new baby phase of life, and hoping that becoming a Nana is still way in the distant future.

So I was more than over the moon when Sadie asked me to come up and take some photographs of her newborn, Issac. I wanted to rush around straight away, but knew that new babies tend to attract a many visitors, and that Sadie and Chris were probably overwhelmed with them, whilst handling becoming  new parents too.

So we fixed a date for when Issac would be 8 weeks old. By then I hoped he would be smiling and gazing at his parents intently. I wanted to be able to see not only Sadie's face indulging in her gorgeous son, but Issac also enjoying his mother's, and father's, babblings and eye contact. Sadie and I chatted about her expectations about the shoot, and my style of photography. I was glad we saw eye to eye about how to approach photographing Issac: nothing contrived, nothing posed, natural light, and relaxed and informal. To me, newborn babies are perfect just the way they are. I do not feel they need posing, as their natural poise and shape is just gorgeous. Ok, so at times you might not be able to get the best angle on them when they are snuggled against their parent, but that love is what families are made of. Contact. Touch. And emotion.

Little Issac was a bit sleepy when I arrived, maybe due to the vaccinations the day before, or maybe due to his serious growing!

Eventually the little fella woke up! And oh wow, he was absolutely gorgeous. Even I felt a stir of broodiness!

Thank you so much to Sadie, Chris and Issac for allowing me to share these special moments. Sadie and I have already discussed some new family portraits to do, hopefully out in the woods and with their other baby (the dog!).


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