Lake District Wedding photographer
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Lake District Photographer. Post wedding shoot.

The Lake District

Dreamy landscapes and plentiful quality accommodation draw many couple to choose to plan their wedding day there. And that is fantastic for us photographers; jaw dropping back drops, reflections a plenty, and quality venues. There is a venue to suit everyone and their budget, from glamourous hotels, to quirky lodges, huts, tepees, and hostels. But for me the most important aspect of the Lakes is the landscape, proper mountains, dense woodlands, waterfalls and of course lakes. But how many couples think about the photographic opportunities of a wedding in the Lakes.

Now of course there are so many things to think about for your wedding day, to follow traditions, or not? To invite shed loads of guests or not? Timings, food and accommodation. Maybe there are so many elements in the day that actually heading out into the landscape for your photography becomes a logistical timing nightmare.

…so here’s a plan….

After the day of celebrations, take time to have a relaxed, chilled getting ready session into your wedding attire (after-all wearing your wedding dress on only one day is such a waste!) then let your photographer take you on a couples shoot. Just the two of you. No wedding planner looking at their watch. Without your friends and family wanting a piece of your time. You then have time to have truly memorable photographs, taking in the landscape you have chosen, and giving your photographer time to create some truly magical photographs of you two. And there is nothing to stop you from making use of your flowers from the venue and having a picnic too! After all, isn’t that what your marriage is all about. You two.   Lake district wedding photographer Lake District wedding photographer Lake District Wedding photographer