Slow Weddings. Make it sustainable.

…being mindful…

I have been a advocate of, and involved in the Slow Movement for many years now, initially through my hospitality business in France that I ran for 10 years. But how does this relate to my now career within the wedding industry. Well I still hold the principles of the Slow Movement in mind with all the ventures I seek out, business, relationships and health.

But what exactly is the Slow Movement?

…making connections…

It’s about connecting your senses, making meaningful and mindful choices, to pursue quality not quantity. Less is more. You may have heard of the slow travel, slow food, slow fashion. It is the alternative to the mass produced. Its a concentration on the quality and the sustainability of the details. It is undeniably eco friendly, community driven and above all, personal to you. It isn’t about a wedding package that comes out of a box. It is about you, your locality, and your community, so you have a wedding day that is truly memorable, and ultimately unique to you.

… a slow wedding…

So here’s what I think you should do if you want to have a mindful, sustainable slow wedding.


Choose local vendors and small businesses that reflect your location choice: artisan crafts people that can provide unique  menus flowers, attire. Even down to your wedding rings. Choose suppliers that have sustainable principles and practices.

Scottish Elopement on Skye

Wedding Vows: write them yourselves so they are just what you want to say. If you don’t feel you are a writer, choose a poem or a passage from a book that resonates meaning to the two of you.

Involve your community for more emotional connections. Your community can be your family and friends. They are not bystanders to your day, make them part of it! Let them contribute to the day, whether it making the bunting, helping with the table decorations or providing live music.

Avoid waste; keep things simple. Can you reuse your styling choices?

Honeymoon travel; immerse yourself in your choice of destination, take time to get to know what the locals know. Savour the journey.

If you like the principles of a Slow wedding and would like to have help in planning your day, from choosing suppliers, or just talking through your ideas, get in touch. I am passionate about making mindful and sustainable choices and want to help you do the same.

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