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Top tips for your wedding photography

April 3, 2018

So you’ve decided to hire a photographer for your wedding day, so make sure you get the very best out of your images by following these top tips.

…Schedule your portrait session at sunset…

Its called the golden hour for a reason. The light is soft as the sun is low. It cast a beautiful diffused light on you and the landscape. And the photographer will be able to add sun flares to your images which make them extra special (in my opinion anyway).

…do what feels natural…

The more comfortable you feel, the more natural it’s going to look. To put you at ease in front of the camera, talk to each other, look at each other. Whisper jokes or sing a favourite song in her ear. As your photographer I try to avoid posing you, instead I will encourage interactions so you show your connection to each other. That emotion makes for much better photography.

…hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist…

Now I am not a make up sort of person, but you will want to look fresh for the whole of the day, and a good makeup artist will ensure just that, whether you want a natural “no make up make up look” or whether you prefer a more dramatic made up look.

…don’t give your photographer a shot list…

Spontaneous moments can be far more powerful, richer and meaningful to you, now and in later years, than any pre-conceived idea of what you imagine your wedding photos should capture. A shot list will stifle the photographer’s imagination and may mean that great candid, storytelling shots are missed. By all means give a list of group shots you would like (after all these are the heirloom ones of all your family together, which might be a rare occasion), but don’t say I want a picture if the groom wiping tears from his eyes!…. he may not cry, but beam!

…trust your photographer’s instincts…Lake District Wedding photographer

The reason why I am a photographer is because I have an instinct of what will make a good shoot, using composition and timing. It is about light, shape and feel. You have hired a professional, so let their instincts guide the creativity for the images.

…do a pre-wedding session…

Its a chance to get to know how your photographer works, and it help photographers to understand how you two tick together. Time can be precious at a wedding and there may not be long to get great portraits. Knowing and trusting your chosen photographer will help you relax in front of the camera, and the photographer can also then work efficiently to get the emotion into the image.

…. and that is why I encourage you to have a pre-wedding shoot ….