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#Eshoot – what are they ? Engagement Photography


If you follow photographers on Instagram or Facebook you will probably come across the term “Eshoot”. It is short for an engagement shoot, but it can also mean a couple’s shoot before their wedding day.


For photographers they are extremely useful. It lets us get to know our brides and groom and find out how they tick together. This understanding helps us enormously on the day, because we find out how comfortable you are with being posed, or not. It helps us set the character of your photographs too, so we can deliver the very best storytelling of your wedding day. It helps our intuition know whether you two are a touchy feely couple, or whether you just don’t do PDA (public display of affection)! It helps the photographer guide your portrait photography in a short space of time as we have had the luxury of photographing you before.

For a couple it is also useful as you get to know how your photographer works, and helps you trust their creativity. It also help you two find out your comfort levels in front of the camera.


I think it is always best to choose a location that is special to you, or represents something that you love doing. A place where you are really comfortable helps for really natural photography. If you like to hang out in coffee houses and want your session there, then ask the owner or manager if it OK to shoot there. It maybe that you are most comfortable at home, then an in house session would work the best. Or maybe you are beach lovers, or prefer the hills. Then choose a location that reflects this. I give you guidance on what to wear and send you inspiration via pinterest, so that we get great shots which say lots about you.


That is entirely up to you! Some couples like to get some images for save the day cards and invites. Others prefer them close to their wedding day as that is when they feel most excited, and is a special moment in its own right leading up to the main event.


Margarita and Arran are an outdoorsy couple and they wanted images to reflect this shared love. Normally they prefer snowy mountains as they met when both on a snowboarding holiday, however going to Austria was just not practical! (Not to say I wouldn’t do it if asked!) So we picked Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland for their shoot. They had never been in front of the camera before so did not know what to expect, but as the session went on the more comfortable they became and poses came naturally. The result…

…beautiful meaningful photography!

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Thanks to Margarita & Arran being such an amazing couple to photograph and congratulations on your engagement!

This shoot took place on Hadrian’s Wall in the Northumberland National Park, by walking from Steel Rigg to Sycamore Gap.  You don’t need to be getting married to  book a “walk and shoot” day. I am a qualified walk leader so am happy to take you to most places in Northumberland and surrounds. The only limit is your imagination!