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Newcastle Wedding Photographer, Jesmond Wedding

November 6, 2018

Newcastle Wedding at St Georges Church, Jesmond.

This may be the shortest wedding photography blog that you will ever see! And that is because this bride and groom wanted to keep their photos just to themselves. However they very kindly allowed me to share one image from the day because the architecture of St Georges Church in Jesmond is just stunning. It was designed by T. R. Spence (1823-1865) under the patronage and at the expense of Charles Mitchell, the partner of Northumbrian shipbuilder and munitions manufacturer, Lord Armstrong. Its Mackintosh mosaics inside are truly glorious, with glistening golds and turquoise blues. The bell tower was inspired by the Campanile tower in St Marks Square in Venice (which I climbed just a few weeks ago!).

The Bride and Groom chose me as their photographer due to the “cinematic quality of your work”. I was extremely flattered as the Groom was a film maker! There guests were an eclectic mix of film makers and university lecturers, so their company was fascinating. The Brides family travelled to the UK for the first time from China, and were in awe of the English wedding traditions.


Thanks for reading this short blog. Head over to the next post for more gorgeousness from the NorthEast!