Alternative Camden Wedding Inspiration.

….Cool Alternative Camden Wedding

There are times when photographers want to shoot just for themselves; to push beyond where they are and step outside the comfort zone. So heading to Camden in Central London with some fellow photographers for the weekend for a creative weekend shooting an Alternative Camden Wedding shoot ticked that box for me. I love the informality and freedom and elopement can give a couple, and photographer, but for me shooting in a cramped, and frantic city environment is something that I have not done a lot of.

You may not be aware, but I grew up in the southeast of the UK, and London was my teenage stomping ground as it was only 40 minutes away on the train. Navigating the tube does not faze me, nor does walking through the city to get from A to B. But shooting when there are so many people milling is a different matter. Moving objects had to be incorporated into the frames and compositions were forever changing. So that was the part which excited me and made me nervous in equal measure. We don’t however grow professionally though by shooting the same things, and this was going to be completely different.

The shoot was organised by The Alternatives SS, and hats off to them for overcoming all the logistical problems of moving suppliers, photographers and models around London on a weekend which was incredibly busy.

Saturday morning started with preparation and a quick paced in home session.

… In Home Session

Something I would like to do more of with my newly engaged couples…. if they dare!
Camden Elopement Wedding

…. Doc Martins and Details

Love the vibe of an alternative bride.


…Street Wedding

So the fun began.

Camden Alternative Wedding

… I have a new appreciation of graffiti murals

and by standers.

Every corner we turned it got busier and more challenging. We negotiated the snickleways of the indoor market lanes and survived unbruised, leaving the tourists and stallholders looking on bemused by  a gang of paps and a punk bride and an Alternative Camden Wedding!

So many thanks to our models

Kennedy and Dathan

and the amazing suppliers (instagram links)

Flowers: @allbunchedup
HMUA: @talie_danielle
Suit: @dandythreads
Leather jackets: @sammyleasretro
Shoes: @inannabespokeshoes
Jewellery: @samryde_jewellery
Dress and veil @bexbrides
Ribbons: @bertieandfred