Pre wedding nerves! Northumberland Wedding Photographer.

I think this is one of my favourite pre-wedding shoots to date when the sun sizzled, the fields were full of poppies and Naomi and James were as cute as a button.

Most couples are pretty nervous about being photographed. Which in a world of media and selfies is strange. A selfie is taken under your control. You can delete it it you don’t feel confident about the way you look. You can see how the image looks before you press the shutter. Having a photographer take your image means you loose some of the control, which can lead to anxiety about the way you look. You may think that the photographer is going to make you you poses that just aren’t “you”.

Naomi and James were certainly feeling like that when I met them for their pre wedding shoot. However by the end of the session, by giving them a safe space to feel natural in front of the camera, they felt much more at ease the closer I got to them. The way I work is to set my couples mini tasks at a distance, and gradually I work towards getting nearer. Using word games is a good way to focus on each other rather than the lens, and that’s connection between you is what brings a natural feel to the images.

From flowery fields to urban grit. And totally different weather, a pre wedding shoot to kick the nerves into touch, click here for Hannah and Steven’s shoot at Hoults Yard in Ouseburn.