Adventure Sessions

…what is an adventure session

Image the most beautiful place you have been to. Do you wish you had some beautiful photographs that capture the essence of the two of you while you were there. It’s hard to do via a staged selfie, but by booking a photographer while you adventure is a wonderful way to capture how it was, and more importantly how you felt. For the landscape and for each other. The walk, climb or hike, the settle-down picnic; that soaring feeling you have when you immerse your self in a scene, like your on top of the world and in love with the person you share it with. An adventure session will capture those emotions and moments for you to keep forever.

Adventure session venice
italy post wedding shoot

It might be your honeymoon, engagement, anniversary or a post wedding shoot, whatever it is it would be an awesome moment to have some fine art prints to remember it by, to be part of your journal, or gallery wall at home.

…explore to create

Creating art in an amazing landscape requires a bit of forethought. Not least what to wear. Some couples choose to wear their wedding dress, or a chuck in a suitcase maxi dress. To really make it work think about the shape your clothes would make in a breeze, or how the colours tone in with the landscape. Natural colours blocks work best, and without pattern.

glance adventure session

Whether you are heading to Scotland, or Europe, or wanting to be make use of the landscape close to home, investing in adventure photography captures the true you.

Not the work you.

Not the home you.

But the free you.

glance adventure session
glencoe adventure session
Glencoe Adventure session

…want to book an adventure session?

If you fancy an adventure session but don’t know where, let me know your travel plans and see if I can schedule a date to meet you. A day in the north of the UK can include Northumberland, The Lake District, and can give you all the amazing adventure feels, without the committing to a long weekend away. Being a frequent traveller to Scotland too means I am more than happy to accompany you there too. European travel too is not off the cards, just let me know your dates and lets make it work.

For some ideas why not visit my adventure and elopement board on pinterest.