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Covid 19-and Your Wedding Day.

May 2, 2020

Intimate Wedding

Things have changed.


I have been dreading writing this post if I am perfectly honest. “Covid 19 and Your wedding Day” is a sad title, and weddings are meant to be celebratory occasions. But if I don’t then I truly have my head stuck in the sand. And that is no way for me to serve the clients and community that I have around me, and those who may be reaching out in future for help and advice.

THERES A PANDEMIC GOING ON. I don’t even want to mention the C-word.

I am sure when you plan a wedding of any kind that you crunch numbers, problem solve, make compromises as well as dream together of what your day is going to feel like (I say feel, because it is the emotions that make the lasting memories.) Spotify playlists, guest lists and potential tantrums, al fresco or sit down meal, or how to cost out your guests drinking the bar dry. However I am sure that you did not factor into your calculations the possibility of a global pandemic, and covid 19 impacted your plans. It’s all gone a bit like a movie scene and we are living in some strange Orwellian dream.

As the implications of the virus sets in, the thousands of deaths, the potential collapse of the NHS, weddings may seem trivial. However of course they are not. They are so important to each and every individual and it is impacting, be it through bereavement, illness, and social uncertainty. There is a certain pattern in the approach to a wedding that gets your goosebumps going and anticipation heightened. That’s a real and human chemical response and letting go of that dramatically, and for the couples who have had to change their day, is a real downer. Literally. It will play havoc with your endorphins, and emotions. But you know you have no choice but to roll with it.

I am super grateful to those brides and grooms who have so far included me in their discussions with the venues about rescheduling dates, because I so want to be there for you on your day capturing those memories, and moments.

…moving forward

I like all of you await keenly for direction from the powers that be about what the next steps are for getting us out of lockdown, and into a new normal. At the moment we don’t know what weddings are going to look like in the near, nor far future. Some venues or wedding suppliers may not survive the financial fallout. There may be a trend, or a necessity for smaller, more intimate weddings. Just like you, I am hoping that normal looks as near to what we know as possible, whilst being mindful of not putting anyone at risk of this bastard virus.

…love remains

Ultimately I guess it’s also a case of looking at each other as a couple and remembering that you choose a wedding because you wanted to get married. The government can not stop marriages indefinitely. Couples will still want that bond with each other. Remember when you first decided to marry, I bet it was the thought of having a loving partner to spend the rest of your live together with that gave you all the feels and tingles.

There are forces at work here that are greater than us. Try and hold onto the fact that we should not stress about things we cannot control. If your wedding has to be altered in anyway, whether it is a reschedule, or a rethink on size to accommodate social distancing, or a complete change to an elopement style day, be assured that I have got your back up. I am invested in you guys and your wedding day and one way or another…

…I can’t wait to shoot you!