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Personal “I do’s” in the Heart of Northumberland

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When you choose to elope, a registry office might feel like an impersonal experience, when actually eloping is an intimate and deeply personal choice. In England at present (fingers crossed the law changes soon) you must legally marry at a registered venue, with licensed registrar or religious officiant. But once you have signed your marriage certificate, why not head out into the wilds for a micro-adventure and create a meaningful ceremony in a place that will deliver memories by the bag-load!

My mission is to inspire you to do just that. To cut free from those “rona” chains, expectations and traditions, and put your trust into me to help you curate and amazing day, full of intimacy, and promise. Start your marriage with conviction and an adventure.

// WARNING // You will fall in love with this location!

Moorland, Crags and views to die for.

Northumberland Elopement Photographer
Northumberland Elopement Photographer

Joe and Allie met at University, and together they have travelled extensively in addition to living for some time in Columbia. There, they went through a tricky-box civil marriage to ensure their ability to stay together in Bogata for the duration of Allie’s work. On return to the UK they celebrated with their friends and family, and doubly ensured their marriage was legal with a wedding ceremony in Hexham, which I was honoured to capture. Two years on and they knew they would like to have a ceremony which was personal and meaningful to them. Having explored Northumberland extensively like myself, they knew that this location would be perfect for their hand-timing ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremony and Personal Vows.

A handfasting ceremony symbolises the strengthening the bond you share in marriage. It’s an ancient celtic ritual and where we derived the term tieing the knot!

Northumberland Elopement Photographer

Lisa Wilson is an extra-ordinary Celebrant. She spends time with all her couples to help you develop a ceremony full of personal stories of your live. She empowers you to give meaning to your vows for one another. I am delighted to be able to work with Lisa to create amazing elopements for our couples.

Kate Norris is my go-to flower farmer in Northumberland. Her ethos, and determination to nuture organic and beautiful flowers in, at times, hostile weather in Northumberland, makes me love her more. We are nearly like peas in a pod, born the same year within a day of each other.

And designer Bex Lombard-Earl creates the most exclusive and original wedding gowns for the alternative bride. Her attention to you is second to none in designing something completely and uniquely yours.

With this team…. you can wed!

How to create this adventure Elopement.

Night // S T A Y //... over night at the Cookie Jar Hotel in Alnwick (sumptuous interiors, doggo friendly and private dining.

Morning // S I G N //... get legally married at the Grade One listed Alnwick Registry Office.

Afternoon // C E R E M O N Y //… walk with Gill your photographer and Lisa you Celebrant for your personal cragside vows and hand fastening ceremony in the Northumberland National Park.

Evening // D I N E //… back at your accommodation to relax in a rolled top bath, take stock and dine and drink well.

With all day Photography from getting ready to returning to Alnwick.