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Scouting for Northumberland Waterfalls

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While my partner sits and reads books, I read maps. I’m old school. I love a paper map spread out on the table and looking at those coloured landforms and contour lines in front of me. Working out where places are in relation to others and routes I should plan, Northumberland Waterfall and views to visit. My favourite subject at school after Art was geography, and I really should have pursued it to A Level and beyond. But I didn’t as I wanted to break out from the shadow of my brilliant older sister who studied geography (and is now some kind of professor).

My passion for photography started with landscape. A natural progress to bring maps and images together. And this “hobby really kicked off big style when I moved to Northumberland and felt the need to put down roots in the area. I explored the county every weekend, and the camera slowed me right down to appreciate what was in front (or Behind) me. I went on workshops to meet like minded people and discover new places. For a short while my early photography outlet was on a FB page called PootleNorthumberland which eventually became my walk leading page for guided walks and Nordic Walking instruction.


My first Northumberland Waterfall was the well known Hareshaw Linn, near Bellingham (photos taken in 2014 – rookie grade).

Since then I have loved visiting waterfalls and a trip to Iceland in 2015 topped them all.

Iceland Waterfall

Northumberland Waterfalls

Back to Northumberland and boom, a request for a waterfall couples session. First I thought the obvious, Hareshaw Linn. But having chatted to a few locals it is inundated at the moment with visitors. The path too is narrow so at the moment social distancing would have been hard.

So my research turned to other Northumberland waterfalls. There are a few around which are accessible easily from a safe car parking area, and others to be frank, are just trickier to navigate too. Hen Hole in the Cheviots is well known, but its a bit of a trek, and actually isn’t that pretty.

Once I had found my ideal waterfall I sent Lizzie and Josh a “what-three-words” meeting point and a couple of ideas of wear (Sturdy shoes being my main advice).

Waterfall Engagement Session

Waterfall Engagement Shoot

This gorgeous waterfall in the North of Northumberland was tucked away, and it felt almost tropical with the lush vegetation around the gorge. Midges were out though, but we had a good hour at the falls before another walker passed by.

Bare feet
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall
Engagement photography
Northumberland Waterfall
Northumberland Waterfall

My passion for maps, route finding, guiding and photography all comes together when I take couples out for the shoots. Whether they are engagement, post wedding or pre-wedding shoots, exploring is a great way to bond, and to get lovely relaxed photographs. Maybe that’s because I am not just focusing on the couple, but on the experience they are having too. An adventure gives a conversation starter, and helps couples feel less strange when being photographed. The landscape gives another context to the photography session.

If you would love some photographs by this waterfall, you can book this photoshoot in the Session Shop.