5 Places to Elope in the Scottish Borders

March 9, 2021

Scotland Borders Elopement

Elope to the Scottish Borders

The days of only having the only choice of Gretna Green across the border for your elopement in of Scotland has long gone. With so many couples choosing to elope in Scotland rather than having a big, traditional wedding, choosing a place for your ceremony might be a bit daunting.

Gretna Green is not the only option

Gretna Green is an easy option; they have packages set up and marry several couples in one day. But if you are after something more unique and wild, even just across the English Border and stepping into Scotland can give you that Scottish Elopement with all the feels, with much much less travel. Scotland is big, and the roads are long.

The Scottish Borders

Beyond Cumbria and Northumberland, The Scottish Borders is a varied landscape, with its own lochs, forests, craggy coastlines, valley’s and stunning hill moors. Its character is pure Scotland. Just beyond are the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, so the region is easily accessible not only via road, but by train and plane too. The Towns of Moffat, Melrose Selkirk and Jedburgh are ideal bases for exploring the Borders.

The Five Best Places to Elope in the Scottish Borders

  1. St Abbs and Coldingham Bay on the East Coast
  2. St Mary’s Loch and Grey Mare’s Trail, between Peebles and Moffat
  3. Smailholm Tower near Kelso
  4. The Ruins of Crichton Castle, just south of Edinburgh
  5. Dryburgh Abbey on the River Tweed at St Boswell.

*Permissions maybe required for having a ceremony in the grounds of Historic Properties or National Trust Land

Five Reasons to Elope to the Scottish Borders

  1. You can get married without worrying about big guest lists and entertaining the crowds. Its about each other, your love story, and celebrating your marriage vows in a unique way.
  2. Eloping to Scotland means you can marry legally outside, with a celebrant to conduct your ceremony.
  3. The Scottish Borders are easily accessible from England, which was exactly the reason why Gretna Green became the quick marriage hotspot!
  4. It is relatively forgotten as a tourist destination, so you won’t be sharing that space with another Glencoe Elopement or get stuck in a Highland convoy of motor homes.
  5. There is a huge range of accommodation from luxury spas (such as Roxburghe Hotel near Kelso) to glamping (Roulette Retreat near Melrose). Or if you prefer to return to the city, Edinburgh is just a hop away.
Scottish borders elopement