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Northumberland Elopements and Adventures

I have been passionate about the landscapes of the Northern UK for as long as I can remember. Having been born in Yorkshire, but condemned to spend my teenage years in the low lands of the south east of England, I always sensed that I needed landscape in my life.

Returning to live in the UK after a stint overseas, I naturally homed in on the North, and made Northumberland my home. After many years of wandering it was finally time to set down some roots. Having never lived in Northumberland I made it my job to get to know as much of the landscape as possible, and mostly on foot. I was always grateful to work for Shepherds Walks as their walk photographer for quite number of years which gave me a really good reason to get out into the hills, and into some more remote areas of Northumberland.

Outdoor Weddings and Adventure Elopements

As a photographer, my enthusiasm for outdoor weddings and adventure elopements began alongside starting to shoot weddings. And combining my passion for hospitality and tourism, encouraging couples to explore Northumberland and the North, one their wedding day, has been a bit of a personal mission! Inspiring adventurous couples to think outside the traditional wedding framework, to craft a day that has themselves written all over it.

Teaming up with the gorgeous adventurer Miss Lucy Imber (also a Northumbrian-phile) and her fiance Yohan, we headed into the Northumbrian Hills for a golden hour shoot.

Northumberland Adventure Elopement

How to Have and Adventure Elopement in Northumberland

Legalise your marriage with a registrar

Firstly and most importantly you must register your marriage the conventional way at a registry office of registered venue. There is no getting around the legal bit of this if you wish to be legally married.

Plan an amazing day

Once you have that in the bag (perhaps do it in the morning), create a personal ceremony with the help of a celebrant who would be prepared to hike with you for the afternoon to a spectacular location. Write your own vows, share prose or poetry, take a picnic and immerse yourself in the landscape on your wedding day.

Book specialised elopement suppliers

And of course… you need a photographer with knowledge of the landscape to capture your awesome wedding day adventure. And that person is me!

Northumberland Wedding Photographer

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