Scottish Borders Elopement
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Scottish Borders Elopement

Kathryn and Phil didn’t initially plan a Scottish Borders Elopement. They started their wedding journey planning a wedding at a barn venue on the Northumberland Coast. Covid had other plans however, and coming to the conclusion that getting married was really important, they flipped their plans.

We jumped onto a zoom to discuss what they really wanted, to marry outside, without the complications of guests or a venue. Initially they were worried that I would throw all my toys out the pram “that’s a cancellation” and you loose your deposit… but instead I viewed it as an amazing photographic opportunity.

Marrying in Scotland was the way forward! And they loved the romanticism of hopping over the border to do it. Gretna Green absolutely did not fill them with warm fuzzy feelings, and the conversation went a bit like this…

“What About St Abbs Head?”

“Where’s that?”

“Just over the Border on the East Coast. It’s got cliffs, a cute harbour, and a lighthouse”

“Can we actually marry there?”

“You absolutely can”

So with that they went up to Scotland the next weekend and fell in love with the location. It was all systems go and to book Kathryn, our amazing Scottish Humanist Celebrant, complete the paperwork for Eyemouth Registry Office, and find a sweet little cottage for their romantic wedding weekend.


St Abb’s Elopement

Scottish Borders Elopement
Scottish Borders Elopement
Scottish Borders Elopement
Scottish Borders Elopement

Making a Plan B

The wonderful Scottish weather was being typical. All seasons in one day, and the hail made us run for cover, signing the legal marriage documents in a car! So we made a plan to meet at sunrise to complete the St Abbs Head Walk and capture some utterly epic photography.

Sunrise at St Abbs Head

The Woman Behind the Lens of

Unfurl Photography

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