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Chilled Vibes at Barn on the Bay

If you want a CHILLED AND RELAXED WEDDING IN NORTHUMBERLAND, the No.1 venue is (IMHO) BARN ON THE BAY, bang slap in the middle of Druridge Bay. However, whilst your wedding will definitely feel pretty horizontal, the owners and staff there attend to your every need with APLOMB, good humour and serious professionalism.

Barn on the Bay for a true beach wedding

I love BARN ON THE BAY WEDDINGS! With your ceremony atop the dunes with views of this mostly deserted beach, Barn on the Bay will deliver your wild coastal wedding. And if the wind doesn’t blow your socks off, the size of your wedding barn will. Perfect for STYLING YOURSELF and being or getting in the professionals, this venue can host a BIG HO-DOWN, CEILIDH of FESTIVAL themed wedding. Want an eight piece band in … there is space! Want a fish and chip supper… fill your boots! (Fish and Chips in newspaper with lashing of salt and vinegar is a seaside must). If Sustainability is important to you, this venue is perfect for making those SLOW WEDDING choices.

Kate and Neil’s Barn on the Bay Wedding


Kate wanted an outside beach wedding in October. And the weather delivered. A breezy but sunny day on the Northumberland coast meant that the couple got their outdoor wedding on the Dunes at Barn on the Bay.

Tips for Outdoor Weddings

  • Tell your guests to dress accordingly, especially on the coast. No matter what time of year, there is usually a chilly breeze coming off the sea.
  • Be realistic and make sure you and your venue have a plan B, even if that is MULTIPLE UMBRELLAS.
  • Have some amplification as your vows will be much harder to hear when not held in by a building and competing with any wind or ocean noise.
  • Make sure your decor can withstand what an outside environment can throw at it. A beautiful arch could topple with a gust of wind unless its firmly secured to the ground.




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