City Town Hall Elopement
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Glasgow City Elopements

City Elopements

Are you dreaming of a unique and intimate wedding experience that captures the essence of your love story, WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK? Then city elopements should be on your radar. Imagine crusing around your favourite or local city surrounded by urban onlookers (who’ll clap and cheer you on), followed by a cozy celebration at a trendy cocktail bar. Its’ endlessly romantic, but also offers lots of unique opportunities for experiences and for your photography!

How to Choose Your City

When it comes to planning a City Elopement, the first step is to choose a city that delivers a dynamic backdrop and lots of sizzling celebration options. Look carefully at the Town Hall Architecture. If it’s a bland and boring office building is it the right place for you? Honestly your photographs will thank you by choosing some grand architecture and it will add such a greater sense of occasion to your day. As you exchange your vows you’ll be surrounded by the vibrant hustle and bustle of the city, and you might even be able to steal some onlookers to act as your witnesses. This will most definitely add to the sense of excitement and spontaneity to your day.

City Town Hall Elopement

Town Hall Elopements

When you are planning your elopement there are of course various legal formalities and hoops that you have to jump through.

Check the LEGAL REQUIREMENTS: I hate to break it to you but you can’t elope quite as spontaneously as you might think. Regardless of which part of the UK you are marrying, you must ‘GIVE NOTICE’ to marry at your local registry office at least 29 days before, which includes details of your final venue or registry office. More details can be found on The UK Government Website here.

Celebrate in Style

Cities have endless places to hang out for a celebration after your marriage. I would advise a little research on this so it feels special and intimate, maybe an underground gin bar, or sky lounge away from the busiest throngs of shoppers. Don’t forget to invite your photographer along to capture these moments for a short while.

City Elopement Urban Landscapes

When it comes to city elopements the architecture, whether new-classical or modernist brutal brings a grittiness and edge to your photography. You really don’t need to walk far to find amazing skylines. In fact go up in a lift to the top of a multi-storey car park and you’ll find amazing backdrops right in the heart of town.

And never mind the weather… rain adds a certain special magic. Grab some umbrellas, run through the puddles and embrace it. And if it really is a bit too much, you can always head to another bar, art gallery, or even the Art House Cinema , for a matinee vintage film.