Secret Tower Weddings
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The Secret Tower Weddings

Weddings at the Secret Tower

The Secret Tower Weddings

FOUR WORDS spring to mind every time I shoot The SECRET TOWER Weddings:

Stylish, Minimal, Intimate, Foodie.

When Ashleigh and Ed got in touch they loved my cinematic and artistic style, and the way that I approach a wedding day; gently, and unobtrusively. With Ashleigh being a photographer, and planning a wedding from miles away in Brighton, they needed a photographer who knew the location. And perfectly matched their vibe for the day for their The Secret Tower Wedding.

Wedding Venues in the North East

If you are still looking for a wedding venue in the North East to match your vibe why not head to my directory here. Castles and Barns, Breweries and Stately Homes, there is a venue for every type of wedding, from classic, to alternative.