Exploring Self Portraits

self portrait

Why Self Portraiture

Why do self portraiture as a project? For some it’s to explore a technique or a setting. To test an idea or a lighting set up.

It is however an expression of the self. And to overcome any feeling of vulnerability, which so many of us have with our own personal image. It’s a testament to who we are and how we feel about ourself.

This project was started during the Lockdown.

Being Comfortable in my own skin.

When I photograph my clients and couples I appreciate that there is always a vulnerability there, which often goes unspoken. As someone who always hated having my picture taken I absolutely get that. I always felt I looked witchy!

I came to realised though when I turned around 40 that although I had been the primary caregiver to my kids, that there were very few pictures of me with my children. This sudden feeling that “what if I die” and they don’t have that one precious picture of their Mum. I know that feeling as I have a precious picture of my Mum (she is still alive BTW) which hangs on the wall and I see everyday.

So I have made more of an effort to be in photographs, and documenting myself has been part of that journey.


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