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Rosie and Mike love story is…. well … you know that film… Electric Dreams… this was them all over. A gaming developer and gaming designer, but falling in love at school. I just couldn’t get over their love story. But really struck me was their love for trees and birds, and they were so completely in sync on this. Marrying at Kielder Waterside Tipi Weddings was really the only place that would be completely in tune for them. It was an absolutely joy to get to know them, and hear their story. I learnt so much from our short time together, about nature and sustainability, and its couples like this which restore my faith in human nature and innate goodness.


Mike and Rosie’s Wedding Day Photography journey started with me well before their wedding celebration.

Rosie and Mike booked a package with a pre wedding shoot as they were naturally shy and wanted to primarily meet up before their wedding, but also wanted to get used to being in front of my camera lens.

Their affinity with nature helped me choose the perfect spot for their shoot; the Forest Drive at Cragside in Northumberland. We walked around on of the lakes on the estate, pausing silently to listen to the birds, and pausing too to watch out step to not step on the toads and frogs.

Kielder Forest Waterside Wedding.

Mike and Rosie opted to marry legally in a separate ceremony of their home town of Leeds a few days before their wedding celebration at Kielder.

Nestled on the edge of the forest, with views of the huge Kielder Water in Northumberland, the Tipis provided the rustic feel and relaxed ambiance that Rosie and Mike sought.

What no-one bargained for the was the biblical rain on the day. In fact I think it was the wettest day of the year. Oh well. The toads loved it, and the thunder claps played an extraordinary role on the day.


Perfect timing

“I’m delighted to announce you as…”

Crash, bang, flash and wallop. Nature dramatically heralded their announcement as husband and wife!

The Photos

Stand out moments

documentary & curated photography

Nature playing its vital role; Rosie’s Sassi-Holford Dress to die for; a rocking ceilidh and an intimate celebrant lead ceremony.

Tipi Weddings in Northumberland

Thinking of a Tipi Wedding in Northumberland? Tipi Weddings are super relaxed, and perfect for a good party. And they need a special skill set for your photographers because of their natural ambience. So why not give me a shout if you are looking for your wedding photographer for a tipi wedding.

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