Marsden rock wedding

Carnival House Wedding

CARNIVAL HOUSE is the base for a Creative Arts Foundation, with a strong commitment to a diverse, inclusive and sustainable community. A beautiful and adaptive space for events of many kinds a Carnival House Wedding is perfect for bringing together your favourite people for a relaxed and colourful celebration.

Carnival House wedding

Katy and Cameron

A truly international couple, yet hailing from the North East and Scotland, Katy and Cameron have notched up quite a few countries with work together. And collected and incredible bunch of eclectic friends along the way.

They live in Paris, and actually had a small gathering for a legal ceremony there. But they hankered after bringing all their friends to a party to celebrate and they found the PERFECT VENUE for a relaxed DIY Wedding and a good old dance!

We really love the atmospheric style of your photos and the way you capture candid shots, especially the dancing ones!

When I saw these comments on their contact form, I knew I would be the right photographer for Katy and Cameron. Firstly they really took time to look at my portfolio and saw that they could bring the landscape into their wedding photography. Give me all the moody clouds and I long view of the sea and I’m happy! So our chats were based off how this could fit into their day without taking precious time away from their guests who had literally travelled from all over the world.

And DANCING! Now I might have the outward appearence of a shy and retiring type but get me on the dance floor for some photography and I am in my element!

carnival house wedding
carnival house wedding


Carnival House wedding

The Meaning in the Making

Katy and Cameron were really keen to ensure that everyone felt they had a part in their day, and that the value of their connections were never lost.

Details& Connection

Handcrafted rings from Caroline Hjerpe in Stockholm and a map for all their guests to scribble on where they met.

carnival house wedding
carnival house wedding


A special place for Katy with family connections and memories of her Grandad. We went for a quiet moment of reflection and inclusion.


We’re absolutely thrilled with the results, she managed to capture this special day for us and made sure we got all the shots we wanted.


The North East