Langley Castle Micro Wedding
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Langley Castle Micro Wedding

Dear Gill,

“When we decided to basically elope, we talked at length about our sadness that our big families couldn’t come. We wanted them to experience our wedding and get some insight into us as a couple through our union. I’m sitting here so stunned and grateful that you captured not only the moments of the big day but also the entire intimate experience. The historic, romantic vibe is apparent in every shot. The details you captured of my dress make my seamstress heart so happy too! Every photo appears as a medieval painting. Thank you so much! “

Gratefully yours,

Devon and Kohlton 

“Wow, simply wow. There are no words.

– Devon and Kholton

Langley Castle Micro Wedding

Devon and Kholton’s Wedding turned out to be an artistic dream for me. Working in Castles, with slices light from characterful windows is photography gold. My style uses the shadows to enhance the beauty of what is lit, and Langley Castle delivers the exact aesthetic I aim for.

However, this would not have been achieved without a collaborative vision from the couple, and working alongside the incredible Wayne from Green Biscuit Films. With just three hours of coverage, the creativity flowed from all of us that day and Devon and Kholton became movie stars to us.

This incredible couple travelled from the USA to marry with a Christian Ceremony at Langley. They planned to elope to the Castle, however felt a tinge of sadness that their close family would be left out from their gorgeous day. So selected invites went out and the presence of their parents made it all the more emotional.

Langley Castle Micro Wedding

Devon and Kholton’s Film by Green Biscuit Studio

Devon and Kholton styled the details themselves. But these are my recommended suppliers for Langley Castle!

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