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Street Photography

Brick Lane Street photography



Taking inspiration from other genres, and exploring the skill sets required for photography outside my normal is vital for creativity and professional development. Whilst landscape photography saw me start a career in photography, shooting scenes on the street, and daring to photograph people within the scene, has always felt a bit alien to me. Mostly because as an introvert, approaching cold subjects is quite scary!


So to warm up I just went into sleuth mode, trying not to be seen, and shooting through foreground obstacles to capture people going about their day.

Brick Lane Street Photography


When a guy with a guitar is busking he is definitely ok with the attention. So this chap was an easy target for my first ask “can I take your portrait” . He even sang a song just for me (flirt!). Forgotten what it was now but it was a cool human moment.

To be fair, this isn’t really very challenging. I am always taking candid photos and portraits at weddings, of people who expect a photograph to prowl around. The challenge to DARE wasn’t complete yet.

Guitar player brick lane


So the challenge was to take a portrait of someone who hasn’t gone out into Brick Lane expecting to be asked. A cold lead.

After identifying my target, I went in for the kill “Excuse me… can I take your portrait?” Oh yes came the response. Ohhh drat I wanted it to ne harder than that and face rejection.

Anyway my thought process was to use a wall to lean on. Less intimidating I thought for the subject and gave me the useful crutch of appearing smaller.

Brick Lane Street Photography


I was really quite surprised how difficult I found “the Street” but its definitely something I should do more of to challenge myself. I loved getting one and looking at something fresh to edit. I make no apologies for only editing in Black and White here. It just has more soul IMHO!

How does this relate to my wedding photography?

Seeking stories, being more inquisitive, and keeping alive my powers of oberservation.


I attended a two day workshop in September 2023 with the incredible street mentor Gary Lashmar.