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 I use this magical light box, to make a thing that can be printed, and somebody can look at in five, ten or fifty years, and not be distracted by transitory culture. Being free of the pressure of tradition or trends to honour the purpose of your gathering, of these humans coming together, and celebrating love.

Thank you for being here!

I adore working with people who are completely natural, DOWN TO EARTH and fun loving. Life is all about the LITTLE ADVENTURES it can bring huh. I love celebrating these INCREDIBLE DAYS with you.  Being a wedding photographer, I have met the most amazing people, heard WONDERFUL STORIES and felt inspired by the positive loving energy of each individual celebration. I will most likely get all emotional at your LOVE STORY, and cry at any heartfelt speeches.


At the Core

Every wedding day is unique. But at the core is the two of you. As your wedding day UNFOLDS, my approach is rooted in EMPATHY, to read the room, to capture the craziness and the emotions. My HERO SKILL is FINDING SOLUTIONS FAST with unexpected dynamics, WONKY WEATHER and skewiff schedules. The good stuff is not the planned stuff.

While all the time, checking for excellent FRAMING, being mindful of SPACE and LIGHTING.

What’s in the name

Art, music and photography have the power to raise the human spirit. Like a tightly closed bud, you have to unfurl to thrive.

Photography shines a light into the darkness. Seeing things that would otherwise remain hidden.

In case you want to know…

I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember, and have been shooting professionally since 2013. Weddings bring so much joy to my life, so I concentrate on them at a profession, as opposed to landscape, or conceptual photography.

I’m a Canon girl! I love working with their files. Currently I own two mirrorless Canon R6, and a couple of spare DSLRs (just incase). I also have a Canon Film Camera for my own use.

I always bring my images in to Lightroom first and apply my special ingredients to create my style and tone. If necessary I then hop into photoshop if the image needs more detailed work.

Generally I aim for 30-40. Many more than that and it becomes harder to give the level of service and attention I like to give my clients. But it absolutely depends on economics! Like most people I have to pay a mortgage and all my bills, so I need to do enough work to live on! I don’t have an extravagant lifestyle!

Artistically I love to bring a feel of the Dutch Masters to my photography, so using shadows a lot to really emphasise the subject in the highlights. It’s leans towards the moody. My work style is very relaxed and documentary in approach. Im looking for natural moments when I am shoot a wedding.

On Google Reviews! Just use search term UNFURL PHOTOGRAPHY and my Google business page will come up with the reviews available.



Finding Light in Shadows


Earthy, Elemental, Soft, Wild.


Unfurl wants to LIGHT UP the EVERYDAY, and the EXTRAORDINARY so you feel natural and authentically you. The silliness, the quiet moments, and the emotions.

However your day looks there is always an AMAZING STORY, and memories to RECALL through photography.


Authentic Experiences, finding your inner “wild” and kinship.

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