“We Don’t know what to do!”

Gentle Posing for Your Couples Portraits.

Tip and Prompts for you Couple Portraits so they come


While I work in a DOCUMENTARY STYLE FOR the majority of the day, most couple want a few photographs of just themselves as wedding portraits. It is also a great excuse to leave the celebrations for a while and have some quiet time together. You’ll be amazed that on your wedding day you’ll be pulled in different directions and you could get through the day without spending any quality time alone. And it’s your wedding day. DRINK IT IN. I’m mean… I’m betting you need to actually FEAST YOUR EYES on each others gorgeousness in your wedding attire.

HOWEVER many feel a wee bit intimidated by having these portraits. Which in the age of selfies is a juxtaposition! I’m reckoning there are loads of photos of the two of you GOOFING at your PHONE CAMERA to capture a memorable occasion. But on this occasion, your WEDDING DAY, you are handing the control over to your photographer. You can’t see a screen to check how you look before you take the shot, and no doubt you are bringing loads of ROMANTIC EXPECTATIONS to the shoot.

Nerve Wracking Right?

Well it doesn’t need to feel that way.

The way I work with you is to find a good settings. This may be a view, a funny little patch of light, a bit of architecture, or just something quirky that would make for a dynamic frame. Then I place you in it. I will ask you to just rest a while there and be yourselves. You will ease into just how you are together. I will move away and back towards you, clicking all the while. It could be that I don’t speak, so that you too can just breathe in that moment of togetherness. There are also lots of in-between moments (like walking to a setting) when I will capture a look, a glance on the go. An if you are the kind of couple who are up to some high energy action, this can also be photographed!

Gently does it

So I’ve gathered together a few of my favourite lo-fi poses that Ihave helped couples connect on camera, and they may just give you a few pointers. Try them out at home and see if they feel comfortable and like the two of you.


The Hinge

Standing together, imagining that you are making a v shape where your bodies meet.

You can also imagine this as a hinge, which can be opened or closed; here the hinge is partially open! Closed would be facing each other tight, and fully open would be shoulder to shoulder directly facing your photographer.


Role Reversal

Whilst the groom is in front while the bride is aside and behind. However her gesture of taking and kissing the hand brings her into a more dominant role in the picture.

Northumberland wedding photographer
Weddings at the Fig House


Close Comfort

Standing slightly askew to the photographer feels a lot less risky. Here the bride has her back against the groom’s chest, but turning just so slightly towards the groom. He holds her arm gently to break up the length of the gown.n Also by placing your weight on your back foot is super flattering.



The Bride places her arms and bouquet around the neck of her partner, showing off the flowers. With her face glancing towards the photographer, the groom can give her temple or cheek bone a nuzzle.


I’m right behind you

The groom and groom are back to chest with the hands held together for connection. Arms can also wrap around the upper chest or waist.


The M.

Bride and groom standing apart facing square on front toward the photographer. They clasp hand to show they are confident together but individuals in their own right. I love this strong pose.

elopement photographer
The Power Pose


Side to Side

With both the bride and groom facing completely forward toward the photographer, this is a confident, powerful pose. The bride has her lower hand in his, and is reaching to his wrist with the other to enhance the connection. The groom placing his outside hand in his pocket makes this all feel more relaxed. Again, the bride has her weight on one foot.


The Headbutt

Hinge shut and the couples bodies are tight together. The bride has her grip on the grooms lapels to increase the intimacy (and create some giggles), and they bring their foreheads together.

Northumberland Wedding Photographer


The Love Seat

Sitting on some low steps with the bride turned in towards the groom, with the groom nestling his arm to her centre. This is a gorgeous relaxed pose which switches things up from standing!



Practise you moves and swish and swirl, show off your dress and your joy. If your dress is too big to do a full turn through and under the arms, down worry it can be a partial twizz.

Lake District Elopement Photographer


The Lean

With the photographer shooting along a wall this leaning shot is super relaxed, with the bride placing her hand on the grooms chest.

Final Words

Nailing the Cinematic Look.

Move about, sway, stroke each other, swirl.