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A Cinematic Style and a Documentary Approach

Documentary reportage photography Documentary photography does not seek to disturb the natural flow of events, so I step back and let the day unfold and let things happen naturally. If you wish to have some bride and groom portraits away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding then this can be worked into your day. But I don’t pose you. I just want you to be natural together, enjoying your quiet moment taking that deep “we just got married” breath. I am constantly seeking out good composition, and light. Of course I am always happy to take requested images and group photographs if you wish. I work through the day capturing small moments, glances, and your wedding details to pull together the story of your wedding day.

My editing style I use earthy, muted tones when I edit your wedding, so expect an elemental feel which looks beautiful as framed prints on the walls of your home. I balance each photograph so that it makes sense within the greater story or your wedding day.


What's your favourite country you have visited?

Montenegro .... no.... Iceland .... umm probably Scotland !