How I Work with you

A Cinematic Style and a Documentary Approach

When you are choosing your wedding photographer it is super important that you click with them!

My work is based on emotion. I look for connections people share and emotions that are felt. Shooting with intent, and  I collaborate with you to get the images that you want from your wedding day. I spend time getting to know you both so I can respond to your personalities as I work.

I encourage your to feel relaxed so that the pictures do not feel forced in anyway. I also work candidly for sections of the wedding day to capture your guests enjoying the moment.

My approach to wedding photography forms part of a trend called Creative Wedding Photojournalism which, combines documentary photography with portrait photography. Documentary photography does not seek to disturb the natural flow of events, so I step back and let the day unfold and let things happen naturally. However I compliment this with creative portrait photography, so I am constantly seeking out good composition, light and colour. The working with you I also like to pop some fine art portraits in too if you have given time for that in your wedding timeline.

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What's your favourite country you have visited?

Montenegro .... no.... Iceland .... umm probably Scotland !