Perfecting your

Intimate Wedding Timeline

for Photography

Perfecting your Intimate Wedding Timeline for Photography

Having shot a gazillion weddings, one thing is for certain. Each and every one is unique. It’s all the individual people, and of course THE COUPLE THAT FUELS THE CREATIVITY behind the photography. Underpinning each one is a WEDDING DAY TIMELINE or schedule, which the couple creates in collaboration with the venue, or by working with a wedding day planner. From the photographer’s perspective, it is amazing to work with the couple also, to ensure the photography feels seamless, and organic, allowing the me, (and videographer), to truly capture each amazing moment and feeling.

Micro wedding photographer

When planning your micro wedding timeline, it is amazing to give all the parts of the day breathing space. That way the good stuff that you didn’t know would happen, gets a chance to come alive also.

There are some amazing wedding day timeline planning tools available to buy on Etsy. Spreadsheets, stationary; you name it, it’s probably there!

GOOD STUFF MOMENTS, is where the creativity of your wedding day photography, lives.

Intimate Wedding Photography Goals

Not every wedding is the same, but these are the moments I like to hunt down (you can see there is ALOT to do!), and will perhaps help you focus your minds on what photographs you want to have as part of your family heritage albums.

Photography Plan for a Micro Wedding

  • Photographer arrives. Location and setting images. Shot scout.
  • Photographer to bride for Make-Up, Flat lays, and detail shots (jewellery, perfume, dresses, flowers, invite collection, gifts).
  • Groom location, preparations and details (suits and boots, rings, vow books, gifts).
  • Bride Getting dressed (with just one or two people to help)
  • Bride Portraits
  • Grooms Photos
  • First Look – with a parent/bridesmaids/groom
  • Ceremony Setting (interior and exterior)
  • Guests arriving
  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail, Canap├ęs and Candids
  • Group and Family Photos
  • Bride and Groom Portraits
  • Wedding Breakfast Decor and Setting
  • Speeches and guest reactions
  • Cake Cutting and/or champagne fountain
  • Exit pictures

Start with your end result.

If I am going to be holding the camera at your wedding, let’s build a schedule together that works for your photography goals. Timings for your hair and make up, ceremony, meal times and portraits work best if you think less about efficiency, and more about the photographic memories you want in your album.

Creating your Photographic memories from your wedding is the starting block for our work together.

Photography Planning

A timeline for a chilled day assuming the following!

  • One photographer
  • Ceremony and reception are close by
  • Prep is nearby

No two weddings are the same. and the plan above is just an EXAMPLE of a TYPICAL intimate wedding time line. The important thing is that YOU DO YOU, and in the early planning stages start the conversation with your suppliers about YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS for the day, and for the KEEPSAKES you want to curate.