Digital Baby Announcement Light Bundle


Download the free app Canva to your phone and create a digital Christmas Greeting by placing your own photo into the frame.

The bundle has 2 images, one for IG stories and the other for FB or IG posts. Image can be printed also to create a greeting card.


How to use this digital product.

  1. Download Canva from you App store and create account. It’s free to download and free to use. I recommend doing this on an iPad or similar.  (Canva is also available via your browser on your desktop.)
  2. Click the upload button and import your digital downloads to Canva.
  3. Click upload and import the image you would like to place in the frame.
  4. Open a blank Instagram or Facebook Template.
  5. Add the Flat lay image to the template and resolve to the full size.
  6. Add your chosen image and resolve the size to fit in the frame.
  7. Once you are happy, save the image to your photo storage on your device or desktop. Once you have created and saved your image your image you can use it as many times as you wish!
  8. Upload image to your choice of social media platform and spread your baby news!

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