Proposals and Engagements

The Beginning of the Story


So you’d love a bit of romantic photography, but you haven’t popped the question yet.

Hadrians Wall eshoot

You met. You fell for each other! And you can’t imagine life without each other? That’s so cool.

So you want to pop the question, but you want it recorded as the beginning. You actually should. And this is where I come in

People watching, documenting love in real raw moments, and location scouting are my thing.


Don’t give it away, but we will hatch a plan that the other doesn’t know. We arrange a place and a time. We can head out into some awesome landscape or a place that is special for you both. I’ll advise you on a spot for an incredible photograph for getting down on one knee (if that’s your way).

Then as pre-arranged, I’ll sleuth about looking like a bird watcher with a big lens. If you are unsure where to be exactly I can send you a WHAT THREE WORDS pinpoint

Then boom..

You propose. And I capture it all!

And there you have it! The actual moment for sharing, making wedding invites and reliving!



Do a shoot anyway to mark your engagement! Adventure style and lifestyle engagement sessions available in Northumberland and beyond.

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