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Runa Farm Wedding

So, chances are you were searching for a Runa Farm wedding photographer, and you’ve found my page. I have made this page especially for people like you, so welcome! (Images from Runa Farm Website)

North East Weddings Photography

Unfurl Photography is based in the North of England and I cover weddings weddings all over the UK and Europe. I shoot many weddings in The North East. New kid on the block, Runa Farm brings authentic White Isle style and glamour to a secluded County Durham beauty spot, offering a completely fresh wedding approach to those whose hearts beat to an alternative rustic rhythm.

Take a moment and look through my gallery to see for yourselves, and see if I could be your Runa Farm Wedding Photographer. As yet I haven’t photographed a wedding at Runa Farm so by quoting your special power as ”Finding Hidden Pages” on my contact form will bag you a 20% discount off my 9 hours packages.