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Looking for your wedding photographer for your wedding at Shotton Grange? I got you.

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So, chances are you were searching for a wedding photographer for Shotton Grange, in the heart of rural Northumberland, and you’ve found my page. I have made this page especially for people like you, welcome! 

This page has been made exactly for couples like you!


if you Love…

A cinematic Touch


the small moments

Then we are a good match for your wedding photography!

I love the relaxed weddings at Shotton. If you are planning your wedding there, let’s chat about your ideas for photography!

Wedding Packages

From a full day package to a by-the-hour solution to suit your wedding plans.

Unfurl Photography is based in the Northumberland and I shoot weddings all over the UK and Europe. I shoot many weddings in Northumberland and Scotland and Cumbria! Shotton Grange is a gorgeous relaxed country house in amazing surroundings offering a wonderful opportunity for your photographer and your wedding photography gallery. Take a moment and look through my gallery to see for yourselves, and see if I could be your Photographer.

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