All you Nebbers

About Gill


Music lover, dog fanatic, adopted by Northumberland after being a bit nomadic. Many pairs of worn out walking shoes.


Calm. Best in nature. Kitchen Dancing.

You don’t need to know this stuff…but…

DESERT ISLAND DISC ? Blue by Joni Mitchell. But I’d take some Artic Monkeys too if I could.

WALK OR RUN? I have never jogged, but could walk your socks off.

MY BEST TRAIT? Unflappable, and empathetic.

MY MANTRA? Aging is a privilege, I intend to do it wildly.

SHUFFLE OR FULL ALBUM? Full album. The order of things is an art form in itself.

KIDS? Yes. Of the flown the nest variety.

AT THE BAR? Gin & Tonic without food. An Italian Wine with food. I love a French Martini too.

BOOTCUT OR SKINNY JEANS? Bootcut. Levi 329s. In blue.

You’ll find me lost in a map. Figuring out a road trip.

It might be a fantasy road trip or one for real. But I love maps and the patterns that form the LANDSCAPE. Mountains fill me with awe and wonder and the sea is a place where I can take DEEP BREATHS and slow right down.